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(I hope you guys like this. Kinda like WonHo- Summer Days, this was a request.)
HYUNGWON'S POV: "Hyungwon-oppa, it's time for you to get up. Its time for your photo shoot." I heard a sweet voice interupt my sleep. I groaned slightly but couldn't help but smile. (Y/N) has been my family's maid ever since I turned 18. She was 17 and had to help provide for her family. I kinda sorta developed a crush on her when she first started out. She was always there for me when I needed someone to talk to or whenever I was feeling sick. I sat up in bed and looked at her, running my hand through my bed head. "Good morning to you too, (Y/N)." I answered, smiling. She smiled back. "Good morning. Now get out of bed and head to the bathroom, you have a busy day ahead of you." She demanded, softly. Even though I am older than her, she still acts like a mother to me since my parents are always gone. I love that about her. She might reflect a motherly figure but I can still tell her things I wouldn't tell my mother. I nodded and stood up, walking to my bathroom. I quickly got in the shower and bathed. After that, I brushed my teeth and washed my face. Wrapping a towel around my waist, I walked out of the bathroom to see (Y/N) is picking out clothes for me to wear for the day. She looks so focused. I chuckled slightly. She turned around and saw me in nothing but a towel. She quickly turned back around and her body became rigid. "Whats wrong?" I ask, teasingly, walking towards her back. "Uhh....Hyungwon? You're kinda not wearing anything." She points out. "Well, of course I'm not. You have my clothes in your hand." I reach for them now that I'm behind her. She jumps slightly and gasps. I grab them and she let's go. I walk back to the bathroom and start to get dressed. When I walk back out, I see she's gone. I walk downstairs and sit at the dining table, reading the newspaper. I hear a plate being placed in front of me. I look up to see (Y/N) standing next to me, dish towel in her hand. "Is there anything else you need?" She asks. "No....but can you tell me what I have in store for the rest of the day?" I ask, placing the newspaper on the table. I picked up my chopsticks and start to eat. "Of course. Today, you have that photo shoot in an hour. Then after that, you have a get together with the associates in your father's firm. Your mother and father will be flying in from England earlier this afternoon so they can have lunch with you before this evening. And then...." she checks the schedule. "That would be it." "Thank you, (Y/N)." I smiled at her. She looked away and I saw a blush make its way to her cheeks. ---TIME SKIP, Later That Evening--- *At the party* I am standing off to the far right, watching my father conversing with a partner at his company. I sip my champagne and look around. I always hated these things. They made me fel like a trophy son. I was just supposed to stand around and look pretty. "Son!" I heard my dad call. I look up around see him beckoning me over. I walk over and stand next to him. He clasps a hand on my back and starts to introduce me to his partner and the young lady that was standing next to him. She looked around my age. "Hyunwon, I would like you to meet Mr. Bong and his daughter, SunMei." They bowed to me and I returned it. "Its nice to meet the both of you." I smile, knowing its the kind thing to do. "SunMei here is the valdictorian of her class and is soon going to go into sales." She looked away, and let her hair fall in front of her face. She was very pretty but she wasnt my type. "I will leave you two to talk." My father and Mr. Bong walk away. Leaving me alone with SunMei.. "I am so sorry about this. My father has been trying to set me up with the sons of his firm partners and it hasnt been taking a right turn." She explains, looking sheepish. "Its okay. I understand." I smile back, hoping she would stop feeling guilty. "Maybe we could be friends instead." She suggests. I nod. "I would like that." "Great. Well bye, Hyungwon." She bows slightly and starts to walk away. "Bye, SunMei." I smile, waving goodbye. I turn away to leave and see (Y/N) walking toward a couple, drink tray in hand. I start to walk over to her. She was about to hand the couple their drinks when her shoe got caught in the rug; causing her to accidentally spill the drink on the lady's lap. The lady jumps up and screams slightly, causing thr room to go silent. "How dare you!! This dress was extremely expensive. It costs more than your life. Do you know how hard red wine is to remove from Italian silk?!?" The lady shrieked, her face turning red with anger. "I-I am so sorry ma'am. I swear it was an accident. I tripped on the rug and...." She stuttered, looking embarrassed. "And what?!? And you just so happened to have the drink in your hand?!? You did this on purpose. I could have you fired!" At the word 'fired', (Y/N) head shot up. She looked afraid. I knew how much she needed this job. "Ma'am please dont. I really need this." (Y/N) pleaded. "How dare you ask for pity. You ruined my dress." The lady looked extremely angry. I couldn't stand it anymore. "What is going on over here?" I call out, walking toward them. (Y/N) looked up in fear. The lady smirked and looked at me. "This girl here ruined my dress." She sneered. "So?" I answer, simply. The lady and (Y/N) both looked at me in shock. "What do you mean 'so'? She ruined a very expensive dress. I want her fired.." The lady yelled. "How much did the dress cost?" I asked. "$14,000." The lady answered, proudly. "And who asked you to buy a $14,000 dress for a business party?" I asked. The lady looked taken aback. "W-what?" She stuttered. "Honestly, I think this is your fault. You thought it would smart to buy such an expensive dress where you knew there would be red wine being served. I think the young lady here," I pointed to (Y/N), "just showed you just how utterly stupid that decision was. I think you should applaud her. She helped you understand how idiotic the decision was." I stepped back and clapped quietly. I looked at the lady and stopped clapping. "Now please apologize to poor (Y/N) for you were very rude to her." "I apologize." The lady muttered. "You may go now." I told tell lady and she walked away. I looked at (Y/N) shocked face as the noise of the party returned. She took my wrist and lead me outside the back door. We walked out into the chilly night and stood in the light that seeped through the glass doors. "Why did you do that? You may get in trouble with your father for speaking to one of his funders like that." She whispered. "I couldn't stand to watch people treat you like that. The things that she said to you were awful and I couldn't stand it. No one speaks to you like that. No one." I stepped closer to her and looked her in the eyes. Her light brown eyes glimmered in the warm lights from inside. I glabbed her chin gently and lifted her head upwards, meeting her lips with mine. I kissed her gently, she moved on sync with me. We pulled away from each other and looked into each other's eyes. "I have wanted to do that for quite a while." She mutters. "I have too." I smile. I brush a strand of hair from her face and stroke her cheek, admiring her features.. "I love you, Hyungwon. I always have. I-I just never thought you would feel the same." She confesses. "Why wouldn't I?" I continued stroking her cheek. "Well. I am poor and you're definitely on the richer side." She motioned to the house. "And...I'm your maid. If you did have feelings for me, you would be frowned upon and it would ruin your family's honor." She looked away. "(Y/N)..." She looked up at me. "Does it look like I care about my 'family's honor'? I would ruin it...if it meant I could be with you." I tell her. She smiles and blushes. "I love you too, (Y/N). And I always will."
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This is cute!!!
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