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The youngest member of BIGBANG never seems to get enough love. Vingle even told me I don't through much love his way :( SO I've decided to change that.
I see Seungri as a little brother. I am the baby in my family and always wanted to have a little brother. From what I know of Seungri, we are similar in a lot of ways and if we were ever close in real life, I think I'd feel protective of him, like a big sister would. I can't deny that he is good looking, cause he is, but I sometimes have a hard time when he's being all sexy... probably because I see him as a brother.
Since the BIGBANG members are pretty much flawless when it comes to looks (as are all Kpop idols), I appreciate Ri's struggle with dark under eye circles and bags. I too know this struggle. Seungri- If you are reading this, I'll share my under eye beauty secrets with you!
The Maknae with his Huangs.
Alright, there you have it folks; love for the Seungri Panda! Enjoy!
Seungri is the biggest bias wrecker to me. He was always the adorable baby but every now and again I find myself staring at him and wondering when my little baby grew up to be so sexy.
Panda is so cute!😍😍 love seungri so much ! my bias πŸ’œπŸ’œ
he was originally my bias in big bang. still think he's a dreamsicle.
@petname83 He was never my bias, but I do love him and he doesn't get as much love as GD, TOP and Taeyang. Daesung also seems under represented. I'll make him a card later.