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I was able to get a press pass for my media representative Jequetta, so she and I will be going to Beenzino's concert on 12/9. Follow me on snapchat for snaps before-during-after the event. ( reecee_kpop )
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I am!! I bought a ticket there will be plenty lol @Jiyongixoxo
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Soooooo jelly.....I wanted to go but I hate going stag to things like that. It wouldn't be fair to Beenzino's Bae 馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀 I keed I keeeeed.
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@PassTheSuga I have to control my thirst 馃槵馃槵馃槵馃槵
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@KpopJunkiesTV Control? Grrrrrl impossible when it comes to Zino..... I'll pray for you tho 馃檹 lol
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I might jump the stage lol Baezino brings out my thirsty side but I have to behave cause Stephanie will be there... ruining my plans and everything -__- @PassTheSuga
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