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Welcome to Vingle Kpop's Xmas Showdown!

Each day until Christmas we'll be voting for the best Xmas song in each category, then we'll have the ultimate Kpop Christmas Playlist!

Here's the first category: Girl Groups!

TTS - Dear Santa

Crayon Pop - Lonely Christmas

BOM&HI - All I Want For Christmas Is You

Secret - I Do I Do

Bestie - Jjang Christmas!

Leave your votes in the comments!

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I just listened to all of them and they're all amazing songs. Girl's Generation are one of my favorite groups so by default I'll pick them, but I also loved Secret's I Do I Do song!
2 years ago·Reply
TTS Dear Santa
2 years ago·Reply
TTS dear Santa
2 years ago·Reply
I luv TTS and Bestie but I have to go with Bestie's
2 years ago·Reply
Wow, all great songs, but I got to go with my gal Bom...she can pull out the feels of any song. So for me its Bom and Hi "All I want for Christmas is You". Besides their English was amazing.
2 years ago·Reply