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Am I the only one that thinks that Voldemort and Lex Luthor could be somewhat interchangeable? I mean, if Voldemort was sick one day and couldn't fulfill his evil duties, he could definitely give a call to Lex and have him step in with no hiccups. Maybe it's the whole 'bald and evil' thing?
Saitama accepts his baldness
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@BlackDragon88 We all can't have Saitama's strength and self-esteem.
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HAH. Male pattern baldness... that's amazing 馃槀馃槀馃槀 Hair loss is traumatic, man. Turns even the best guys into supervillains. I mean, look at Walter White!
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@petname83 Lmao yes, exactly. And some sort of mentor-like figure who actually doesn't do much of anything.
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@youdayana Me gusta.
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