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Jo In Sung of "That Winter, the Wind Blows" revealed to Korean media that he has been thinking about marriage lately. He wants a woman he can lean on because he believes “men are children to the end.” Since his start in the entertainment industry in 1998, he has rarely spoke about marriage before. Jo In Sung said, “I want somebody that would adore me even if I am not mature, and someone whom I could lean on, rather than that who leans on me.” With the conclusion of his come back drama, is marriage in the stars for Jo In Sung? Who do you think would be a good match for Jo In Sung?
@cheerfulcallie I think he WILL....lava cake? Eh? Sweeeeeeet! Sis, you go do whatever you want with them. LMAO!
@YinofYang ....eh?? nah, he wont mind b/c caring is sharing....besides, how abt i bake you a nice hot lava cake? yes? good...sshhh!!! lolz
@cheerfulcallie Uh-oh. What is your other hubby going to think, ma'am? I don't think he'd be cool with sharing. (^_~)
<------ she's right here, @YinofYang please step aside....*waves both hands in the air, real high*.....*babe, call me...my # is 1-800-YOURWIFE* ....
I can't even imagine how many women would die to marry him.
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