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Dear baby G-Dragon-
Why are you so freaking adorable? There is only so much one heart can take. That girl is stupid and completely undeserving of your love... just saying. You can do better.
Also, can I have your apartment from this video? It's wicked cool.
Who ever "J" is, I have to say she's crazy if I had the chance to date GD. He'd be the one to break up with me. Even then it would take more than a simple "I breaking up with you" He need a crowbar and a little holy water to get away from me lol
Okay whom ever "J" broke up with my oopa because he didn't have much time for her and come on girls admit it we do tend to be kinds of obsessive don't we? we get hurt if they don't answer our calls or our txt messages, we start thinking oh they're cheating on us or his talking to other girls and blah blah blah blah.... Some men don't like that. SO lady's if you do ever get a chance to date a celebrity be aware of many things. that's why I my self say it how it is. I say my likes and dislikes I show who I am. like that I avoid hearing thire excuses or I know what I'm getting in to. Now men be honest for crying out loud! I have heard this from them "I don't like them but I don't want to break thire heart" well have a way to not break thire heart but them the the truth! Don't give them hope or what do you like playing with our hearts? Cuz if you do then later when thires a girl you really like and does the same to you don't be surprise 😏 bottom line #BEYOURSELF
@KwonOfAKind @petname83 I'm right there with you girls! If all else fails, I could pull some Kiss The Girls shit and keep him hostage in a cave... Or just take a note from the G-Dragon play book and chain him to a rock like he did in the "She's Gone" video. Though, I have enough of my marbles to keep him alive. GD, you're doing it wrong!
I second @KwonOfAKind statement. I would sink the claws in deep, and the fangs, and the hooks, and let not forget the binding powers of superglue and duct tape.