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This mostly happens to me when I do some doodles or fan art or even a quick little sketch.Do any of you get this type of scenes when your just living.
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"Can you draw me" "Stop being so good" "I can do better" "Should totally be an artist when you grow up" Are the most pathetic crap I get. And bruh, It just makes you want to crumple your hard working art and throw it at their face.
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draw me like one of your french girls...lol
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"um, why is she naked??" is like, the most question I get when I draw. "um...I don't know, Maybe it's because I'm not done yet!!"
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My personal favorite was always, "Are you drawing?" Lol Because then I could reply,"No, I'm using this wooden stick to etch particles of graphite into the surface of this flattened mass of heat treated papyrus pulp in an attempt to convey beauty and meaning via pictograph as a way of communicating my innermost thoughts.." Lmao
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this is why I don't draw around people who don't draw
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