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Idk, I am not the greatest at these things but I am bored and writing seems the best thing to help with that. Basically combining my two favorite things....anime and kpop!! I guess its considered it is kind of sort of based off of Tokyo Ghoul and it involves Wonwoo from Seventeen (which means all of seventeen as well)..... ehh I started it a bit so I will show you guys a bit of what I have. @CreeTheOtaku @Emealia @ArmyofKookie tag anyone else if you want
Ghouls. The very mention of them sends chills up the spine. The most dangerous predator in our world, experiments who feed upon the flesh of humans. This is a story of how I went from saying their kind to saying my kind. "Hey, are you okay?" a female voice says. There are too many voices around me, can't focus. This is too much for me but, I begin to pay attention. The smell of flowers, roses it seems, opening my eyes I notice an outstretched hand. Slowly looking up to see the wrinkled face of a woman whose eyes showed concern. My nose seems to twitch, that smell...a rich aroma lingering under the roses. "That smell..." I whisper. "Excuse me?" the lady questions. My eyes cloud as I take a deep breath, this is what my body needs, "Flesh," I gasp bearing my fangs. The lady screams once but soon that dies out as I begin my feast, drowning out all other noises.
So tell me what you think??? ^~^
hah it's okay i still think its going to have some changes but any opinion is a valued opinion @ShinigamiSan
@ARMYStarlight lol do whatever. I'm just being a stick in the mud.
@ShinigamiSan ehh i know thought i would make it slightly different heh ^~^
there's also a fanfiction community!
@ARMYStarlight Oh then as long as it was intentional then it's fine. With the fangs it makes it a vampire instead of a Ghoul though.
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