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Hi! I've been learning Japanese on a few apps on my phone over the last few weeks and it says the best way to learn is practice... Wellllll there lies the problem! I don't have any friends that speak Japanese. So I'm reaching out on here to find a friend that I can practice with and play games with on my PlayStation and what not. Every attempt I've made to reach out to people on here has fallen on deaf ears. So this is the last attempt I'm going to make on finding a good friend and not someone that will use me. I hope everyone who reads this has an amazing day or night! Hope to talk to someone or anyone soon...
@TobyBaire I mean, I'm all up for texting and talking, but I don't know Japanese. If you need to learn Spanish though, I can help you there.
I'm gonna message you @TobyBaire ~
I'm still a novice, however I can write a little bit and speak some but yeah dude just message me on kik or on this app.
you can msg me, i habe only recently started to write characters but ive been speaking for about 2 years
Go to the "Learn Japanese" Community instead of the "Japanese Anime" community. You'll probably get more people that know Japanese. I also know that @poojas posts alot of Japanese language cards.
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