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Life has been a lot of poetry, I never seen the lines that were written
Life itself has been given the permission for make my life written lines
That will always intertwines between each, like a tangled mess of shoes
Laces, Hard to untangled like mangled hair on a neglected poodle
I've tried to doodle the emotion, but sometimes it wasn't enough to
Express feelings that are deep like the hole to the center of the earth
Darkness in the pit, It might as well be called solitary confinement
For my mind had an infection that deceases my selection on how I
Want to be in life, I always thought that the right thing was the wrong
Decision to make, for the influence around me try to conform me as
The same energy, mediocrity was not the path that was chosen for me
The storm could not hold down the spirit that doesn't want to die, release
And save yourself the breath and action from the friction that you causing,
OOOO!, lets applaud these individuals, OOOO! give these people the fame
That they deserve, Too bad they can not last like the wolf, The spirit within is
Starting up again, GO AHEAD!! Applaud for them, they reeked havoc on my
Soul because that's what you came here for, Give them their recognition for
Being my opposition when the mission all this time was to destroy something
That is destined to be something great, You can not take the fact that I'm in intact
Like the armor on a tank getting hitting with 50 caliber rounds, 1000 shells unloading
By the pound, when the battle has became over, you became more than a sound
I'm here and this is my time, This here is my life line, Life in the lines and I'll write