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In an alternate dimension or universe EXO still had all its members together, DBSK never split into TVXQ and JYJ and all the members of ladies code were still alive and all kpop fans were united instead of having some fandom wars with each other. What if they traveled to other countries in Europe and North/South America to have concerts. What if all of our groups had vacation times and got proper rest and we're happy all the time that they could date without having to worry or not be allowed too. Maybe some would even date fans and there wouldn't be back lash but everyone excepting it without problems. What if companies didn't push there groups to the point of collapsing on stage and having health problems. What if......
Sorry if I forgot to mention any groups that split or had company problems (I know I forgot people already). Just curious about what you guys think about if this was a thing.
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This is a perfect world that I would LOVE to live in..!!!!!!! @lewamanda