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Who shall be the winner of this week's Thursday Night Football? The Vikings? The Cardinals?

I will keep a live discussion thread on this card, so if you're watching the game live or just want a live update on the game, come join the party!
Also, if you still haven't participated in the challenge yet, go participate right now before the game starts!

Here is the link to the challenge card ------------------->

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@InPlainSight Nah you're safe for this season. I'll give you the Mourinho treatment!
Also special shoutout to the winners of this round: @Straightshooter @Starbell808 @KyleBerke @strawhatblakley @jeff4122
I'll be posting all the results with the standings with the 8 challenges we've had so far!!!
I think the vikings got this
@sanRico Haha I'm sorry bud but this one is already over! The Cardinals beat the Vikings 23-20! Stay tuned for the next challenge which will be a basketball on going up very soon!