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So I wanted to post this fanfic I had been working on for awhile. Hope you all enjoy and I would really appreciate any feed back.

**Special thank you's to @SamanthaRae19 @SusiBossHammer @thePinkPrincess @kpopandkimchi @LocoForJiyong @MacyAppleton for allowing me to use their names!!! Love ya and I hope you like!!!**

Ch. 1 "Unni did you hear the news?!" called Anna as she raced into the room followed by Samantha, Susana, Kiara and Cari. "What news?" I asked. "Big Hit, the same record label that manages BTS, is coming to the US to look for an international group. They say they want a girl group to be the sister act to BTS." replies Samantha. "Really?" asked Marisol as she joined everyone else. Kiara was jumping up and down with excitement, "Please say we can audition!" she screamed hugging on to Marisol. "Don't look at me. The one who has power over those decisions is Glo since she is the eldest and the leader." "I may be the leader and the oldest but we decide TOGETHER. We are a group after all." I say looking at all the girls. "OK so let's take a vote. All in favor of doing the audition?" All the girls raise their hand. "OK so it looks like we're going to do this. Samantha, look into where is the closest city that will hold on audition. Susana, come up with some new choreography for 3 of our songs. Anna call the dance studio and book us a room for practice. We are going to need some new outfits so that means shopping and making outfits for Kiara and Cari. Marisol and I will look into funds and travel expenses. Oh yeah and we are all going to learn fluent Korean. I will have Christina start looking for tutors now." All the girls started to cheer and jump up and down with excitement. A month passes by and we are already in rehearsal working on our new routines. We were all resting on the floor after dancing for two straight hours when Samantha got a call. "Hello? Yes, this is Samantha. Oh yes, we are still interested in the audition. Really!? Oh my goodness thank you so much!!! I am speechless....we are very grateful to you. Yes, we look forward to seeing you in 6 weeks! Thank you!"
We all sit there looking at Samantha waiting for her to say something. 5 minutes pass and it feels like forever. "Sammie Rae?" I ask softly. "Samantha-unni, what happened?" asked Kiara. "Oh.....my......" Samantha seemed like she couldn't find the words. "A talent scout from Big Hit.....that's who called. I sent them a short demo of our last performance. They are interested in us and want to give us a private audition. They said they also shared the demo with SM Entertainment, YG Entertainment and a few other record labels so that way we can have more options. We should be hearing from them within the next few days...." We all sat there completely speechless. Anna was the first one that made it sound "No way!" she screamed as she jumped up to her feet. That's all it took before all of us we're joining in with her. As the days passed by, we received calls from SM, YG and a few other minor labels. Next month looked like it was going to be very busy. Each of the companies said that they were very impressed with us and that they look forward to meeting us in person. We all agreed to keep our original group name since we thought it was unique. R.B.D. which is short for Rockabilly Dollz. We all hoped and prayed that they would be impressed to the point where they were ready to sign us.
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