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I don't get as much of a break as I used to at the holidays (the sad part of being an adult with a job and no more school breaks, lol) but I still do find myself with more free time than usual in the end of December this year, which means there's a LOTTTT of stuff I'm looking forward to.

Particularly, I'm looking forward to the holidays, because...


Anime & gaming marathons are sure to happen

Every holiday season my brother and I play one of the Lego games from start to finish, and I am pumped! I also plan to catch up on a lot of this season's anime that I haven't watched yet during my few days off.

Eating Holiday FOOOOOD!

It wont' look as good as anime food, probably, but I'll take my mom's christmas cookies & cooking.....I'm already drooling thinking about it.

Hopefully, seeing some SNOW!!

Finishing up this season's anime

Getting pumped for next season's anime

Hopefully getting a best girl related gifts for Christmas

My friends know me well enough to know I expect AT LEAST ONE NEW NOZOMI ITEM in my life this holiday season. Got it @starberry ? I know I don't need to even tell you that, but here we are.

I'm also pumped for holiday season anime related shopping deals!

I'm pretty sure there will be some specials, and I loveeeee the holiday season for stocking up on new anime and gifts for my anime loving friends :D

So, what are you guys excited for?

@RaquelArredondo Yes!! I'm headed to my hometown to visit my family, too! My family isn't really into anime or manga, but I'm hoping to have an anime marathon with friends during some of my time off, too!!!
@RaquelArredondo thank you!!!! you too ^^
@hikaymm sounds like fun! I hope you enjoy your time off and that your wishes come true (pretty cliché of me hahaha). If you do have an anime marathon, remember to get a crate (filled with Japanese snacks of course) and you'll love the experience ^^ Have a great time!
I can't wait for finals! I just want to get it over with and watch movies, anime, read books, manga, and especially spend time with my family ^^