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So by a freaking landslide \(^o^)/writing a bigbang fanfic is what people wanted to see. I Know I'm terribly(*´>д<) late from when I wanted to do it. I'm old an have million responsibilities( willing to trade a quarter of them for peace on earth . Anyone interested?........well I had to try).( ´_ゝ`) So let's set the cast. First there's the➡ bf- yours truly Dee B-) second there's ➡ Big Bang(bb) - duh Third there's➡ Y/N there's no story unless your in it. Fourth ➡ Random people. just for the fun of it.
"Come on we're going to be late!" says your bf Dee. "Yeah yeah I'm come, I'm coming but for the record I'm tired an don't want to do what ever you set up for tonight. If I wasnt your ONLY friend I'd tell you no." you reply. " Hey! your not my ONLY friend just my only bf. That's why it's my job to make sure you don't work yourself to death. An why you get the privilege of going with me tonight." Dee shots back. " If you only knew how much effort it took me to get these." "Soooo where. exactly. are we going? Inquiring minds want to know." you ask. Hahaha Dee laughs at you then abruptly stops. "Nope you'll find out when we get there."she says " fine whatever let's go" you snap your displeasure at her for not telling you.
As you'll are walking out to Dee's car ⬆(yes the one in the pic) she's still trying to convince you that your going to enjoy the evening. Just from her excitment you think she got Exclusive back stage passes to the Big Bang concert that's in town this weekend. The thought cheers you up an makes you excited till you remember it was completely sold out in 15 minutes an the exclusive tickets were only offered in a contest. Which both of you didn't find out about till it was to late. " Heeeey!! how long are you going to stare out the window at that tree?! Since you haven't noticed. Tada we're here." Dee hand is waving in your face as she's nearly yelling in your ear. "Aish! " you jump cause you didn't pay attention to deep in your own thoughts and tiredness. "ok! ok! I hear you sorry I zoned out" you say with a bit of bite in your voice. No one likes someone talking loudly in their ear.
As you get out of the car you see a membership only restaurant. "Uhhhhh???... A restaurant!?" you question your bf's sanity. " NOT just any restaurant. it's THE restaurant we want to be at tonight." she tells you. "Why Dee?" "Let's go in an you'll find out" rubbing her hands gleefully Dee gets out of the car. "Well hopefully I'll at least get a good meal" you say to yourself.
Walking into the restaurant Dee is already talking to the maitre D. "Ah yes Ms. Dee we have you all set up if you will follow me please." As your following him you see that everyone there is female. You grab Dee's sleeve. "What! have you gotten us into!" you whisper in her ear. " If you would please have a seat in your designated spots we will begin in a minute." The maitre D indicates the little stands with yours and Dee's name on them at two small separate tables. Sitting down you drop your head in your hands. "OMG! Speed dating! seriously! Speed dating you thought I would have fun -" Your interrupted by the maitre D on a microphone "Thank you all for participating in tonight's event. I know it's cost a pretty penny but for the guests we have with us tonight(wink wink) we are most positive you won't be disappointed. so without further ado gentlemen you may pick your seat." An from the closed doors behind him out walks the guys.
Out walks ALL of big bang, Got7, Vixx, Nu'est, Shinee an several more that you payed no attention to because who sits down in front of you?
Yep you will have to decide out of Big Bang: G-Dragon, TaeYang, Daesung, T.O.P, Seungri Who is sitting in front of you? So choose wisely you never know how it will go... @AimeeH @thepinkprincess @danidee @BluBear07 @baileykayleen @ChoHee1 @nenegrint14 @tigerlily84 please help me tag other people. I'll put out the next card on Thursday God willing a disaster doesn't happen.
Ren/ all of NU'EST ^_^
Daesung. *dies*
I love the oxygen masks!!!
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