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Just in recent memory, there's already been SOOO many people to talk about how great this anime is, and then today I kept coming across gif of the main girl, so I figured it's finally time for me to preview the first episode. Here we go!

Thoughts Before Starting

Everything I've seen about this anime has interested me, I just never gave it a shot! Since I saw @littlemaryk and @tserna18 and @mdragneel all post cards about enjoying it recently, I figured today was the right day to get started!

Anime Details

Title: Kyoukai no Kanata (Beyond the Boundary)
Japanese Title: 境界の彼方
Aired Fall 2013
12 Episodes, Complete

Initial Impressions

I was a bit confused when the intro ended and then we jumped to Mirai trying to kill Akihito all the time, but that cleared itself up relatively quickly. Speaking of the intro, I really love it! I wasn't sure how much I would be into this, but that got me much more interested in the story than I probably would have been if it had just started with her trying to kill him all the time.
Mirai is super weird, super cute, and clearly has a looooooot of past/problems chasing her. I appreciate that Akihito isn't going to listen to anyone (even Mitsuki) about staying away from her, and it's clear that their paths are already entwined & will remain so going forward. I like her! I think its super weird that her sword is made out of blood, but I like her so I'll keep following. Aki's glasses fetish though....too funny.
The rules of the Spirit World Warriors (the people who fight the bad things, for those of you who haven't watched yet) is already really interesting to me -- what about her blood makes her unable to quit, other than it attracting youmu? Why does the Nase family want her out of the way (it seems...)? How does being half youmu make him immortal? So many questions.

Overall Episode Impressions:

Visuals: 8
Animation: 7
Sound design: 7
Storyboard: 8
World/setting: 7
Character designs: 7
OP + ED: 9
Entertainment: 9
Voice acting: 8

Am I Going to Continue?

I mean, it cut off right when I was getting all interested & confused and stuff so I pretty much half to continue, right? I need to know what's going on! Akihito's line, though "TO BE LOVED BY A GIRL WHO LOOKS GREAT IN ANY GLASSES." OK. SURE. So weird, and yet so fitting -- I have a strong feeling him and Mirai will get along pretty well, don't you think?

Who else has watched / is going to watch this? Role call!!!

I need to know who I can spam to about this show XD
@Baekyeol27 I haven't finished!!! I'ts one of of my ones I've been lagging on since I first started it hahahaa
@Azazel69 @Fairycat @KierraTaylor alright I'm gonna keep going with this one XD I'll get there eventually!
I just finished watching it... and I love it
I love this anime so much I'm just in love😍
I cried at the end
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