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I started studying in 2013 but my school didn't offer Korean classes so I have 1 year of real classes then the rest has been self study :D

When did you guys start, or are you just starting?

Well I'm half Korean so I can speak it very well but writing is another thing XD
I think I've been studying for about the same amount of time. I got into kpop in 2011 and I started learning Korean after that so...around 2012 or 2013. And I didn't really have many options for learning. So, it's a mixture of self-taught and working with the lessons offered on which help a lot! ♡
i started 2 years ago, but i had to learn ondependently, which was hard because I was really busy...still am
I've only recently started self teaching. I'd like to find a class somewhere locally that offers the language but it isn't one that is readily available where I'm from.
I will be starting. A college nearby is suppose to be offering classes for about $50. I've purchased a few books as well! I'd like to adopt from South Korea, so I feel knowing the language and culture are important.
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