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This is true. And it brings about the point that a narcissist will never suffer emotionally the way we normal people do. They have never nor will ever experience the pain of a broken heart nor will they feel a sense of loss or greif when you are no longer in their life except that they can no longer use you for their sadistic and selfish reasons. but that pain will go away as soon as they find a new and equal or better source of narcissistic supply. But we feel loss and greif and the pain of separation in a profound way that is not easily overcome or replaced sense we actually loved the one who hurt us. We experience profoundly personal human connections. We bond emotionally. To truly love someone means that they are a part of you while being a separate individual at the same time. This means we respect that they are not us. That they have their own feelings, needs and their own mind. We love and respect them as they are. But a narcissist sees a person as an object for their personal use. There is no emotional intimacy that would cause them to become emotionally attached. When they lose you, their only concern is securing another source of narcissistic supply. People are altogether interchangable and replacable like a light bulb. A narcissist places no value on the source itself. In fact, his intention is to devalue the source of supply to the uttermost of his ability while skillfully manipulating the source in such a way that they will never leave. This is not always successful. But that's why a narcissist wants to secure many sources at one time so that he will never have to be without. A narcissist will never love you nor greive losing you. His greif is only for himself and it is short lived. We greive the loss of a person. They only need what we give them. We are devalued and not even a person to the narcissist. We feel that pain. They dont and they never will.