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One of the most painful parts of being dehumanized and discarded by the narcissist is how he then sweeps you under the rug and goes on like it never happened and you dont exist. It is traumatic. Being swept under the rug after being dehumanized and discarded by someone you loved can send the most sain person over the edge. A narcissist will NEVER!!! take responsibility for the way he treats other people or how he makes them feel. He will go on with his seemingly perfect life being loved and adored leaving you to suffer alone in silence. That pain can be unbearable. I exposed the evil that was done to me and even though no one cared or believed and they ignored and blamed me which only added to my pain, Im still glad i spoke. I dont regret it for a moment. It's my voice and my right to speak. Our lives begin to end the day that we keep silent about things that matter. -Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
Abuse is such a manipulative and insane thing. I've seen people close to me go through it, and it's just so hard to even help them. It's a sticky situation -- if you stay you get hurt, if you leave you might get hurt even worse. I am glad you feel comfortable and safe to talk about abuse.
@MelissaMae but even though he did such in a cruel way.. you have been strong and I admire how strong you are. I went through something like that but keep your head high.
@alywoah my offender is in karachi pakistan. im safe. and idk how it is leaving because i never left. he always left me and did so in an intentionally cruel fashion.