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Who is your type? Your ultimate babe!

Is it SeungRI? ~Our favorite panda boy

Deasung?? ~Our ultimate comedy

or TaeYang?? ~The boy who hates shirts

maybe T.O.P!!?? ~ The boy who keeps his shirt

Leader G-Dragon!!!!?

Shy but knows how to be sexy

Rate and choose and don't forget to put why!! Let's see who wins!!!!! Chao!!
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My bae is Daesung!! Why? Cute and funny! Smile like the sun and the voice of an angel. Since no one else wants him, I get him all to myself. ^u^
2 years ago·Reply
G to the D, gold and diamonds boy (I know you read that in his voice 😏)
2 years ago·Reply
TOP is my Ultimate visual type, but GD is my personality type. Tough choice. Too bad I won't have to choose.
2 years ago·Reply
GDGDGDGD , why? umm cause hes gd! ❤️
2 years ago·Reply
GD always
2 years ago·Reply