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hey guys i was wondering what name do you guys prefer? personally being called an otaku is so much better than being called nerd or geek! but others prefer it the other way around so i was wondering what do you prefer?

I like nerd and otaku personally but with otaku I want to distance myself from the egotistical nature and trivial arguements that shrouds the word it self. But what I think is the most simple and clean label anime fan(atic) comes to mind. "That is Mary and she is a super into all things anime, she is an anime fan"
It depends on which one best describes you. They aren't synonyms; they are separate words with separate meanings. Otaku: one who is devotedly obsessed with anime, manga, videogames, and related items. These things literally comprise a huge portion of that person's identity. Weaboo: a non-Japanese who idealizes all aspects of Japanese culture and attempts to emulate. Geek: an individual who has a high level of interest in a hobby or fandom that is not science or math oriented and has low mainstream appeal Nerd: one whose primary interests are in the fields of science, mathematics, engineering, technology. The only shared commonality is that all have a high level of interest in what they like and all the terms were created as derogatory names
I like being called an otaku
I like 😆to being😎called an 😍Otaku😜 because to me it 🔊sounds🔊 like I am madly😈 in love with 😂tacos😂 which I am😍😙because they r #delicious👌👌
honestly, I prefer geek or nerd, because I love love love anime and videogames and stuff, but probably not enough to define my entire existence around these things. I do get excited about nerdy, geeky stuff all the time though.
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