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Johny Tergo actually built a custom rig inside his truck to house a camera, laptop, generators, and strobes, to get these shots. He is constantly seeing interesting people whom he has the urge to photograph while driving past them on the street. He built a series of interesting images of people on the street without the individual knowledge. In this series seek to explore the interplay of environment and the individuals in that specific space.
플래쉬를 왠만하면 안쓰려고하는데 쓰니까 느낌이 특이하네요 ..
@tomy2k yah it is true that using flash would get back the attention from the strangers, but in the night scene, you need to have flash, right ? :)
그냥 지나다니는 사람들을 찍어도 조심히 찍는데 플래쉬까지라면.. 좀 힘들거 같긴해요 집에서 정물 찍을때 써보려구요 그래서 ㅎㅎ
@tomy2k ok, now my Korea is not good enough to understand your answers anymore :D:D
ㅜㅜ 담부턴 영어로 달도록 노력할게요