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Chapter 1: A Dragon Lost to the Sky "Serenity! Tell your sisters to come in. It's time for dinner!" Her mother called from the kitchen. "Okay!" Serenity smiled joyfully and skipped outside. She put her two fingers to her mouth and whistled a long whistle that could send shivers down your spine. At first all you could here is the sound of wings flapping but then you can see a blue dragon, the size of a small plane. "Fang!" Serenity smiled and hugged her dragon as it arrived. "Can you go find my brother and sisters? They're in the forest again." Serenity was only 5 so she was a bit smaller than fang. "I don't know. You still haven't payed me back for the last time I helped you." She said crossing her tiny dragon arms and looking down at her. "Yes I did." Serenity said looking away being obvious that she was lying. "Oh you did? Alright then." Fang smiled opening her wings and getting ready to take off. "I'll be back in no time." She saluted her and took off into the forest. Fang listened carefully, gliding through the air slowly hoping to hear the children. That's when she picked up on a scream about 100 yards away. "That sounded like Serenity's sister, Valentina." She started to feel frightened, her heart beating faster. "Screams can mean anything. Screaming contest, scaring someone, being scared yourself." The dragon said as she flew hearing Valentina gasp and then cry for help with a blood curdling scream that she could hear even if she wasn't a dragon. "Valentina!" She yelled flying faster like a rocket. "Hey boss this one's crying!" She heard as she listened to Shadow's soft whimpers. "Eat him. I'm tired of listening to him." Fang panicked and flew as fast as she could zooming there like a rocket. "No you don't!" Fang yelled and used her ice breath to freeze the goon going after Shadow. She landed next to Midnight and saw Valentina bleeding from the neck. Letting out a furious roar she blew blue fire in a circle around them so no one could get to them. "Hurry!" Shadow, a young vampire boy that stood at the age of ten, tugged on the dragon's tail. "They're heading to the village and there's more of them!" Fang's eyes widened thinking of Serenity. "Get on my back. It's time to go." She said as the young vampires scurried onto her back and she flew towards the sky at top speed. "Shoot it down!" Their leader yelled pointing at the dragon flying away. "If we catch it, we can sell it at the slave market!" Another called holding a sniper rifle over his shoulder. The goon shot it and it shot through fangs neck. "Rawr!" she cried out as the blood rushed down and blood oozed out of her neck. "Good shot. You almost hit its head. Shoot it again but remember, don't kill it." The boss called. The children on her back were panicking, thinking Fang would die and that they all would crash. "Hey... Don't cry..." Fang whispered as she winced and blood began to drop out her mouth as well. "Fang your hurt!" Midnight cried holding on to Fang tighter. Fang sniffed towards the direction of their house. "Kids, listen. I'll get you as close as I can but after that, I won't be returning." She whispered to them and Midnight held onto her even tighter. "Don't say things like that fang!" Shadow shouted at her. "What would Serenity think?" Valentina looked at her with watery eyes and Fang's chest began to feel tight thinking of Serenity. "Hopefully she'll be safe." Was all the dragon could say before she was shot in her side with the sniper rifle. Fang was falling down and so were the children. "After it!" The Boss vampire called. His goons ran into the forest to capture it. The children were screaming and Fang was running out of options. She held on to them wrapping her whole body around them before hitting the ground with a big thud. The children were completely unharmed but fang was in critical condition. "Hurry! Run!" Fang tried to yell but could only come out as whispers. "No!" Midnight shrieked with tears streaming down her eyes. "We won't leave you!" Fang was getting frustrated with the children not listening to her. She blew her blue fire at the ground starting a fire in the forest. "Run or die!" She cried not wanting them to leave her but if they get caught along with her, then she really wouldn't be able to save them. "Fang!" Midnight cried about to jump into the fire with her when Valentina pulled her back. She was covered in blood from one of the vampires biting her neck and the blood still had yet to fully heal. "Don't midnight! Let's run! If they catch us, Fang died for nothing!" Valentina yelled and Shadow was crying too much to say anything. "Come on!" She said grabbing them both pulling them away and running to the village. Link: This story is more of a tragedy with 10 chapters and still in progress. I hope you enjoy it, and if you want to finish it click the link above