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Bye Bye Erza
The only way you think Erza would win is because you don't know the other one
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stop giving erza powers she don't have...1 her flame armor protects her from fire not ice...2 she has no flipping ice armor...she never used it in the Manga or anime so don't assume she has something that she doesn't....3 when esdeath uses her trump card its not her ice that makes everyone stop it's the time that stops them...esdeath freezes time and time stops erza so unless erza has an armour that allows her to defy time she's dead
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She does have that one suit she used to beat minerva @aaronred888
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@aaronred888 I fucking love u
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@aaronred888 natsu might be able to hot enough to move during esdeaths trump card
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