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I'm crying.. Like legit crying... I did not expect this secret to come out already and the details to follow. Please please please, if you've read the latest issue of Fairytail, put your comments below. I'm dying to talk to someone about this cuz I don't have any friends who read or watch Fairytail.
Yaaaaaay! I'll have your back too! We're Nakamas!
Yeah, Lucy has this magic, it's her spirit magic but a bit more. You know how Layla died right? by opening the eclipse portal. well she had the power to do on her own along with another person and I think Lucy inherited that. @yulissab2015 @esefani36
Im crying too o(╥﹏╥)o
I didn't expect Natsu to still try to kill Zeref after finding out he was his brother... And I wanna know more about Lucy's mom's involvement...
Yes omg. I fr died. like dead talk. I can't with this chapter. I cried my butt off tbh. I hope Natsu doesn't die because if he does, I will also die. He's bae. ❤
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