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Oh... My... God....
I'm crying.. Like legit crying... I did not expect this secret to come out already and the details to follow. Please please please, if you've read the latest issue of Fairytail, put your comments below. I'm dying to talk to someone about this cuz I don't have any friends who read or watch Fairytail.
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It takes... Patience for sure. Haha. And time, obviously.. It'll always be my number one fave tho 😍 @Vitraxs41
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yup...we finally what happened to Lucys mom and why they were chosen to be dragon slayers....
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I really dont want Fairy Tail to end. It's been there for more for so long and I don't know how I'll go about my day knowing it's over. It's the one thing I really look forward to in my week.
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one more day 😐
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