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Hi~ I will start live recaping Gu Family Medical Book! Lee Seung Gi and Suzy is main characters, and I'm expecting how she will act cuz it's her first acting x) And here's also Indonesian recap, so if you wanna enjoy it in Indonesian, go here! :D http://www.vingle.net/posts/122611-Sinopsis-Langsung-Live-Recap-Gu-Family-Book-Episode-1 It airs on every Mon&Tues, 10pm :) See ya today~ <Cast> Lee Seung-Gi - Choi Kang-Chi (KC) Bae Suzy - Dam Yeo-Wool (YW) Yoo Yeon-Seok - Park Tae-Seo (TS) Sung Joon - Gon (G) Jung Hye-Young - Cheon Soo-Ryun (SR) Lee Sung-Jae - Jo Kwan-Woong (GW) Lee Yoo-Bi - Park Chung-Jo (CJ) Eom Hyo-Seop - Park Moo-Sol (MS) Jo Jae-Yun - Wal-Pae (WP) Lee Yeon-Hee - Yoon Seo-Hwa (SW) Choi Jin-Hyeok - Koo Wol-Ryung (WR) Jo Sung Ha - Dam Pyeong Jun (PJ) Narrator says 'In a forest where humans are forbidden to enter, the place where only the beasts protect the forest lives.. there was a beast.' Three people are loaded. They were high class family, but they were disgraded because of disobeying of King. Soldiers left them to gisaeng house. (In gisaeng house, girls used to treat high-class people. And the family was sold to gisaeng house.) Seo Hwa insist she won't enter there. Head of gisaeng house says, "I don't care how u came here. I bought you and you gotta work here." But SH insist, "I will not be gisaeng no matter what happens." Then the Head takes off her and tie to tree. A man is watching her from forest. He wanna help her but hesitates to do so, cuz he promised not to care wat's happening in the world. The man who slandered SH's father sent SH to gisaeng house. He wanna sleep with her for the first time, and orders to the head to prepare for it in 5 days. In the meanwhile, SH is being tied to tree for 4 days, but she insist not to be gisaeng. At the moment Wal Ryeong is about to help her, So Jung warns him. "You must not interven in human's things!" WR insists, "I just wanna help the weak!" SH fainted and woke up in gisaeng house. The Head, Soo Ryeon, says "If you don't accept your work, I will hurt your younger brother." Seeing people beating him, SH promises to be gisaeng. SH's younger brother, Jung Yoon, notices that Kwan Woong gonna sleep with his sister tonight. Then JY and Dam thinks to save her. In the end, Dam changes her clothe with SH and she runaways. SR orders Dam to treat KW instead. SR says to KW, "Would you turn off the candle? I didn't tell SH that you are KW. I was worried if she knows it, she will suicide." KW accepts it. While Dam is treating him, SR tries to catch her until he notices the truth. In the meanwhile, SH can't runaway anymore. She says to younger brother, "Runaway alone. It's hard for both of us to move together. I will hide by myself, so let's meet later." After her brother leaves, SH tries to suicide. At the moment, WR helps her. He shouts, "Go out from this forest!" Next day, SH's brother are caught and killed because of sin of escaping. And Dam also suicides. And servants in gisaeng house reports to the SR that they saw a legandary fox with nine tails, so they couldn't keep searching SH. KW also hears it and orders to catch the fox and find SH's body. (People think SH was killed by the fox.) So Jeong notices it. He warns him to kick her out from the forest. But WR says, "But she will be killed if people find her. I love that girl. Where can I find Gu family medical book? I wanna be human."
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@pigrabbit ohI didn't know there was translated recap, cuz I couldn't see it on remakes! x) I will post it on my card, so more ppl can share it :D
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hi.. just wanna share the indonesian recap link over here: http://www.vingle.net/posts/122611-Sinopsis-Langsung-Live-Recap-Gu-Family-Book-Episode-1 :) thx a lot!!