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Months ago I read an article in the New Yorker - I believe it was the New Yorker though really it could have been any New York publication - about this strange exodus of artists from New York. Specifically, I think it was a review or breakdown of this book called "Goodbye to All That: Writers on Loving and Leaving New York"
The piece effectively talked about this weird phenomenon where all of these writers, for one reason or another, decided to up and leave New York behind. The title of the book comes from a personal essay written by Joan Didion in 1967 called "Goodbye to all That" where she talks about her love of New York and the captivating ways it allures the artfully minded. But it also a sad tale of leaving this place once believed magical.
I don't know al the writers in the collection of essays. I'd say I probably don't even know one of them. But the summary of the book champions the idea that "each writer’s goodbye to New York is singular and universal, like New York itself."
It probably is. I know it feels that way for me. I grew up in NYC. Born and raised in the center of the planet. For the most part, it was a good time growing up, a good place to grow up. There were bad times, certainly, but nobody goes without those.
I always felt tied to New York. It has given me life and a place to live it. A place that it ultimately unlike most others. I fell in and out and in love all over again in New York. I had all of my big firsts in New York. I made many of my best friends in New York
Now my newest first is leaving my childhood home for a new future and new frontiers, on a new coast.
I don't know what I'm really looking for for the rest of my life. I know I'm 23 and have, basically, the whole world in front of me. I know there's a lot to do going forward.
I'm excited for it. I'm happy.
It's a new adventure in my life. So Hobey ho, let's go.
@Danse well I hope things work well. I want to prove to myself that I can do this, I can move across the country and still be a real person and true to who I am. It's tough leaving all of my friends (And my girlfriend, at least for the time being) but I think if I can make it out here, then I'll have shown that maybe they can too in the future. I just want to be open to new experiences.
Leaving home seems to be a huge topic with everyone. I always find they're either all for it, or completely against it. Some end up back where they started, others relish the distance but hold memories near and dear. Of course not everyone feels this way, I've just experienced mostly those two types in my life. I, however, am a homebody-dreamer. It's what I like to call myself, anyway. I've lived in at least 6 different states, and every time I ended right back where I started in my Home state of Ohio. I get this urge to go somewhere and do something, and then that longing for home just kicks in and I can't stand to be away anymore. xD Drives me crazy. Of course when I had my son I was less travel able since he needed a solid place to take root near family. I sometimes wonder if when he leaves the nest; will I too again drift somewhere far away? Will I be drawn back when my son has his own family? These thoughts are always in my mind. How do you feel things will work with you? @VinMcCarthy
@inplainsight thanks man, I appreciate that. @Maighdlins hahaha yeah, I remember you talking a bit about moving, and I feel you. I'm also 23, and only a year out of college. but I guess this is the best time to try and adventure. I don't want to be 43 and wondering about what ifs.
@vinmccarthy Good luck. There are certainly way worse places to end up than San Francisco, it's without question my favorite US city. I made my big move from the UK to Australia about your age. It's the perfect time to try a change. You'll miss friends and family, it will be hard at times, but I think you're going to do just fine. I wish you the fortune that I have had and more Vin. Good luck man.
@LuffyNewman thank you my nakama! I love the idea of adding new nakama to my crew all over the place. it's part of what is so exciting for me. I love traveling and having new experiences, and sharing them with new people. that's the dream.
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