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You guys are freaking awesome, and awesome doesn't cover it! 100,000 views, 10 cards (where 3 has hit "Top Stories" of Vingle) and 50 subscribers on the "Why anime?"... Hope you guys do realise that it really is you who did that... In terms of word-play and science behind words (etymology), this is what the term "awesome" is defined as: "Causing or inducing awe; inspiring an overwhelming feeling of reverence, admiration, or fear" Which I believe at this point is very much untrue. YOU guys are my definition of awesome and I would never have made it this far nor made such great articles that you enjoy so much if it weren't for you in the first place! So, to thank you guys, I'm letting YOU decide which one will be the next topic that I'll bring up. Of course, this might take a while, but I will put all of my energy into making THAT specific topic as close to perfect as I can! Today is the 7th of December. Two weeks from now, it'll be the 21st of December, just shy of Christmas. So, the contest and for which topic will be decided, I'll wait and see until the 21st and it will be done on the 25th (or 24th. We in Sweden celebrate Christmas at the 24th...XD). Until then, I will of course put up other articles (one is very very close from now) and hope you guys enjoy reading them as much as I enjoy writing them! So fire up the engines in your brains and post your topic of choice in the comment section below! :D Explore Vingle and its communities, collections and posts and see if anything you come across might be great for a topic! AND IT CAN BE ABOUT ANYTHING AS LONG AS IT IS ABOUT ANIME!!! XD (oh, bonus! Name the characters! XD) 'til next time! //VoidX X
Hmm...as a huge fan of oppai (all hail Rias from High-school DxD), that might be a cool topic to write about. I mean, I'm still satisfied over my "Why hate anime?" cards and another dive into the community might be interesting XD
hahaha well how about writing about fanservice? people argue back and forth about it. some animes are super heavy on fanservice, like kill la kill and fairy tail, while others are less about it, like dragon ball z or tokyo ghoul
@VinMcCarthy choose carefully, my friend, as it seems to be that whatever YOU'D like for me to write about, it may very well be so as you might be the ONLY one suggesting something XD
@VinMcCarthy Anything...I should be capable of writing anything :)
well what kind of things would you want to write about?
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