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Those photographies was taken by Park, a Seoul born photographer. It gives the viewer another view of Korea´s life that we do not experience in Seoul. When you traveled to Korea, it is recommended that you take a small trip out of Seoul, and enjoy the countryside life.
@cri14335 yah it is truly simple living , but did bring you a happly life . isnt it ?
@JamesChung oh k didn't know that they still used cow 10 years ago. but yeah , now I notices on the farming area in Korea , they only use tractors to do farming work.
I meant that the manual farming was not a scene seen in Korea. Even some tens years ago people used at least a cow to plow. Now farming are done by machines like tractor.
@Tapsamai, true! i can imagine in a very early morning. sounds of the chickens,the sunrise and having coffee outside with the cold fresh air. simple living is just simply perfect.
@JamesChung I believe so, nowadays it is hard to find those places like this in Korea, isnt it? Today I would leave to do some farming work far away from Seoul. Hope I could enjoy myself a bit like this. @cri14335 me too, i really enjoy to be to those place like this, with friends and your closet friends :)
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