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yay finally! :D I'll be going to the LA one which happens to land on Valentines day(cough cough hopes for special performance) anyway, wherever you guys may be, I hope you can attend one of these concerts. EXO'S FIRST NORTH AMERICAN YOUR WILL BE AMAZING
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@aaronhij92 omg same D: constantly waiting for updates
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omg it's really on the coming 14th of February?? (The LA one)
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@suckmytae yup! 馃槃
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wHAAT OMG I CRY馃槱馃槶馃挃 I live in Vegas and I could go there but like driving for 4-5 hours and I doubt my parents would agree especially the concert is on a Sunday with school at he following day馃槱 I DONT THINK I MAY BE ABLE TO GO SHIT IVE NEVER BEEN THIS FUCKIN SAD IN MY WHOLE LIFE IM ACTUALLY CRYING OMG WAT IS THIS!!馃槉馃様馃槳馃槥
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@suckmytae I live about 8 hours away 馃槖馃槱 and I really hope you can go. I would be so upset if I wasn't able to go
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