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Dumbledore always knows best.. :D
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we never seem to catch each other!! how have u been?
5 years ago·Reply
@shoenami Hey, sis! Hahahaha! It's true. It's like we're running around playing tag on different cards. Hahahahahahahaha! I'm doing pretty good. Things are much better right now, even though I'm still out of town. How about you?
5 years ago·Reply
right.. lol.. i finally got hold of you! thats great to hear and it's nice youre still around here even though ure out of town! i hope ure having a grand time^^
5 years ago·Reply
Yes he does! Well, not always, but like 98% of the time.^^
5 years ago·Reply
@Saravy.. very true! even the great dumbledore makes mistakes
5 years ago·Reply