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A look back at Mike and Sulley during their time at the University of Fear. I'm uber excited for this! :D Thing is, Boo wouldn't be around :(
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what is this bubble sipping tea! I wanna see!
@oj1992 You're lucky that's all she did. Of course I'll leave some popcorn for you sis. If Callie lets you eat any. @shoenami Welcome, sis. It's gotten chaotic on this card. (^_~)
@YinofYang I know! i'm not even sure what we're talking about here now! lol
@shoenami Me either! It's like that Channing song and Kimmel, "I still don't understand." :D It's all fun and chaos here. See what happens, that the bond between @cheerfulcallie and @oj1992 erupts into war and they chase each other on cards. Lmao!
@YinofYang lol exactly! @cheerfulcallie and @oja1992 sure can make chaos around here!