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You: 안녕하세요!!------ Hello!! You: 이름이뭐요?------ what's your name? Person: 저는......에요!------ my name is (N/A) You: 만나서 반가워요!!------- nice to meet you!! You: 잘지냈어?------- How are you? Person: 저는 잘 지내요!------ i'm fine, thanks!
This is one of the ways you can meet new people if you're in a place like South Korea. Hope you learned something new!!!!!!
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This is super helpful! I found that even just being able to say 안녕하세요 makes people super impressed with your korean hahahahah
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thank you
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you're welcome both
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감사합니다 for only writing the 한글 and the translation. it felt challenging yet better. it also proves im inproving my reading skills ;D
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