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So My Music Taste finally announced the 5 cities EXO will be having concerts at in February 2016
Wish you the best and hope you can attend a historic event in EXO history!
SO MY MUSIC TASTE JUST CONFIRMED THAT THE DATES CHANGED AND LAY WON'T BE PART OF THE TOUR. This is so disappointing and sad. Lay is my second favorite member and I was really looking forward to seeing him. All that's left is to wish him the best in his Chinese promotions and that he is healthy and happy. Hopefully one day he can make it to us in America β™‘
Also, why write "we are always grateful for your love and support for EXO and LAY" as two different categories? Lay is just as an important member as any of the EXO members. He has constantly showed his love for the members and fans all over the world, but it's like he's always excluded in some way
Plan: screw all other obligations and save every last cent for the 14th......... 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 yeah right.
I was hoping they would have done one closer to me:(:(:(
I'' literally crying I wanted to go so bad but there is no way on earth I can go now. I'm heartbroken 😞
also, what's up with not giving ticket and venue info until a week before the concert??? I guess this is better for me though, bc I can have time to save more money 😭