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Wrong! It's understandable for People to have their own opinions, I respect that, But if you can't keep your own opinions to yourself...Don't say anything at all! Namjoon,better known as Rap monster, is freaking Gorgeous. If you can't see that, Oh well, you're missing out, but be RESPECTFUL! Other people do find him attractive, I know I do, so please don't bash anyone! All our Bts members are attractive, and as well as other K-Idols.
^Literally Me whenever I see my lovely Idols!
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@MischiefK1ng Ikr I hate tat I hate how thy j judge bc thy don't look good or somethin look more into thm ppl thy have more potential n stuff not j their face thy have their voices n skills fo a reason ppl
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@taetaebaozi I totally agree.
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haha pewdiepie xD
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馃槀馃槀馃槀 That last pic OMG
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@MadAndrea Lmao Ikr.Herbert the pervert. Totally me whenever I see k-idols.
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