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One of my first cards was about my favorite author. Since that card, he's manufactured more genius and feel inducing content! Just thought I'd share a few of my favorites in hopes of satisfying at least one other person who loves this stuff!
It IS sad. I love you. In fact: I. Am. IN. Love. With. You... Still. But you are not good for me. You are not a good person nor are you the right person as of now. So, I must forget about all our time together as if it were a mere waste. As if I had not envisioned our future for decades to come. As if my memories of you do not light up my heart, even through our petty arguments. Darling, I would happily spend eternity locked in our dance of passionate competition, however, that must wait for a different timeline, a different dimension, a different life, for we do not have our happily ever after. It must be true somewhere. It HAS to be true. Hopefully. Somehow, somewhere. But of one thing I am certain: Not now, not here. I love you. But you do not allow me to trust or rely on you. So, I must bade you farewell. Thank you, for everything. Goodbye.
"... and you." Two little words, but so impacting! Love it! (After posting note: not all of his stuff is on the sadder side of the spectrum, it's just the stuff I love the most and am relating to ^.^ However, I, am the kind of person who can, and does, enjoy depressing stuff all the time haha =p)
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@Arellano1052 - Definitely! One of my favorites is Neruda...whom you might like...(?)
@JPBenedetto I've actually never heard of him, but after a quick Google search, I think I will spend the remainder of my night appreciating his works! Thank you for the introduction ^.^
@Arellano1052 - Arellano1052 - No, thank you for my introduction as well!! Neruda's "I like you to be still" was my intro and subsequent addiction to his work. Hope you enjoy! :)
@JPBenedetto Neruda is AWESOME!! His poetry is so perfect ^^ good taste, my friend. @Arellano1052, I can't believe how awesome Playing with Fire sounds. That description is just... gold. I want it now too!!!
@AlloBaber - I'm not surprised you love him as much as I do - I can binge read him for hours and just get lost in his wistful but blunt and broken prose! Also, I am truly appreciating finding such kindred spirits here on Vingle! XOXO!