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Unfair treatment of BTS members - SPREAD THIS
Too many people aren't true ARMY's. They only love V (Taehyung) or Jungkook and they are ranked. It's ridiculous. Most people prefer maknae line (Jimin, Jungkook and V) and then Jhope, Jin, Rap Monster and Suga get less recognition for their hard work. Suga and Rapmon and Jhope write songs and lyrics and rap intensely but credit is usually never given to them. The Hyung line has been completely HUMILIATED recently (Rap monster predominantly) and it's sickening. Most people pretend like Jin doesn't exist and Hyung line gets called ugly, constantly. This has been a continuous problem since debut. The hashtag #jhopeisugly was made in the past and people actually reposted and it trended. Our boys are treated unfairly continuously throughout the fan base and I can't help but imagine how much this hurts them. I can't comprehend this atop of all the pressure that is put on them initially. They are under constant pressure. To diet, to be skinny, to have abs, to look a certain way, for their music to sound one way and it's not just Hyung line but I want this spread because many people don't know what dangers they are causing. Jimin was continuously unstanned and many people stopped biasing him because of his abs and he noticed and worked until he get them back. They see these things. The things that happens to these boys are ridiculous and they do so much for us to make us happy. Please don't take advantage of our boys for personal gain. They do so much, too much, for us already. Please spread this and spread it like wildfire. Thank you.
I hate when people do this kind of thing. Sure you can have your favorites in the group but that doesn't mean the others are not as talented or important. We all have our own bias(es) but the true bias is the whole group. I can't stand when people put down members in a group but then claim to be a fan and this is with any group.
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I love all of Bts because without all of them Bts wouldn't be around! Of course rap mon was my first bias of the group because I saw him before I got into them but fell in love with all of them they are all amazing and the people that think otherwise need to stop Bangtan boys are all or nothing
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People are really cruel and my Bias is NamJoonie I liked him from the first time I seen him (on my laptops screen ) I like how he looks different and I really don't see why ppl are hating on him seriously these haters need to take a very good look at themself because half of the stuff NamJoonie has accomplished they couldn't even dream of in a million years. I will knock any of the others just because I favor Rapmon cuz I know all them boys work hard n they are a team ....Fighting BTS
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I don't like when people disrespect the members because they work hard. in my opinion appearance doesn't matter to me. Rapmon is flawless and handsome. People should be in the idols shoes to see how they go through. It also goes for all the idols not just one group. Hope people respect our oppas and babies ^^ A.R.M.Y Fighting!
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oh my heart...oh my god....hearing these things about my boys makes me cry....isnt it enough to dislike but to go as far as make a hashtag trend?? Dude tf....i dont even want to be in the same world as them right now....i cant even.....if anyone thinks this then get the hell out of the fandom there are many Armys who love and support every member and....will do anything to keep those smiles on their faces.....ughh these fake fans truly disgust me -_- @krin @destiny1419 @ArmyofKookie
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