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Too many people aren't true ARMY's. They only love V (Taehyung) or Jungkook and they are ranked. It's ridiculous. Most people prefer maknae line (Jimin, Jungkook and V) and then Jhope, Jin, Rap Monster and Suga get less recognition for their hard work. Suga and Rapmon and Jhope write songs and lyrics and rap intensely but credit is usually never given to them. The Hyung line has been completely HUMILIATED recently (Rap monster predominantly) and it's sickening. Most people pretend like Jin doesn't exist and Hyung line gets called ugly, constantly. This has been a continuous problem since debut. The hashtag #jhopeisugly was made in the past and people actually reposted and it trended. Our boys are treated unfairly continuously throughout the fan base and I can't help but imagine how much this hurts them. I can't comprehend this atop of all the pressure that is put on them initially. They are under constant pressure. To diet, to be skinny, to have abs, to look a certain way, for their music to sound one way and it's not just Hyung line but I want this spread because many people don't know what dangers they are causing. Jimin was continuously unstanned and many people stopped biasing him because of his abs and he noticed and worked until he get them back. They see these things. The things that happens to these boys are ridiculous and they do so much for us to make us happy. Please don't take advantage of our boys for personal gain. They do so much, too much, for us already. Please spread this and spread it like wildfire. Thank you.
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V is my bias but I love all the members of Bangtan...they are all special to me...this is just sad :(
kookies my bias but they are all the best and I love each and everyone of them.... each time I see more of one I like them more. .. soon there might not be a bias or they all will be they are my ultimate group
Why would ppl do this to my babies? Have they not seen their awesome personalities? They're all attractive (sometimes too attractive for my poor heart) but their personalities add to their attractiveness. They're never unkind to anyone so why do people feel the need to tear them down? Ugh!
Oh my god I didn't know people actually were like this! I heard about how people made fun of jimin bc he had lost his abs but damn. When I first saw bts I thought the hyung line wasn't all that attractive. But then I watched all their videos, reality shows, and interviews and I love their personalities! Rapmon Jhope and suga are so talented and not even ugly like why was that even a thing?! Ugh I was so mad when I read this :(
God I read this again and I get so mad ugghh they're all beautiful. Yes the younger ones may be attractive but the hyung line is still hot af and how the hell is Jin unattractive how is Rapmon how are any of them!?!!! AGHHH