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Yup, I love her and she follows me on Twitter! Can I get a Fandom Scream! Lol I was her fan before Resident evil lol can you say Multi Pass!
Yes, that's RDJ lol but that's how I feel lol
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Was The Fifth Element that introduced you to her?
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oh and I agree with @shannonl5 comment. :)
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@kneelb4zod it was actually the return to blue lagoon, I loved that movie as a kid but fifth element sealed the deal.
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@LAVONYORK oh nice how is that movie ?
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@kneelb4zod it was a part two of blue lagoon which was basically two children that were stranded on an island the one Milla was in was them older (one of the children) and they got married but conflict happened when people found them. The husband was not happy at all. Milla's character was like "a whollllleeeee new worlddddddd" 馃槀 馃槀 馃槀
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