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A Spanish galleon was discovered off the coast of Cartagena, Colombia. The ship was submerged 700 feet below the sea's surface. This Spanish ship called San Jose, sunk onto the sea floor after a British cannon hit a storage of gun powder on the San Jose. Along with its sinking flags and metal, was treasured goods -- which includes jewels, gold coins, and precious metals.
U.S. investors say it is reputed to be the world's richest shipwreck.
Do you know what that means? Somebody is going to want to claim the goods. And that has actually been happening. Although it has been 300 years, several entities are fighting over the goods. Makes sense -- this was one rich ship.
The Sea Search Armada and Colombia's government have to share.
According to the Washington Post, SSA told CNN that the Supreme Court of Colombia has ruled in the company’s favor, saying that the wealth from the wreck should be split evenly between the company and the Colombian government.
@2littlelegs it's sort've like the treasure train!! haha
I SAW THIS STORY. ahhh so cool. Where is Nick Cage in all of this though? ;)
One of my very best friends is weirdly obsessed with Nick Cage, even has a pillowcase with his face on it XD @ButterflyBlu I like the movies for the same reason you do. I really enjoy history and things all coming up from the past. Now if only we can find more treasure @2littlelegs ... let's go hunting!
@nicolejb my family (and I) looooves those movies!! This is such a cool story. I love history and seeing things like this links us to a time so long ago.
@nicolejb <3 Thank You!! ^.^
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