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Hey Vingle Nakama! ^.^

Here's another installation for my Badass Women of Anime collection! She comes from the well-loved, fanservice-heavy anime Kill La Kill.

The badass woman for today is Ryūko Matoi!!

Ryūko is a young, teenaged girl hell-bent on determining who murdered her father, using the twin of her own scissor sword.

Early on, she gets Senketsu, a living navy-blue uniform who feeds on blood and enhances the abilities of the wearer.

Ryūko is an able fighter even without Senketsu, though she becomes far more formidable when she is wearing the uniform. Her abilites are heightened and she is faster and stronger.

Ryūko wields one half of the Scissor Blade, specifically the red half. It has the ability to change shape and size, becoming a two-handed decapitation sword or just as small as a standard scissor.

Senketsu also has some intriguing abilities. He can change shape and form, sprouting blades made of Ryūko's blood. With their powers combined, Ryūko and Senketsu are a serious force to be reckoned with.

Because Ryūko has Life Fibers implanted in her, she is able to use Senketsu Kisaragi, which is basically the Kill La Kill version of super Saiyan. Her hair goes blond, Senketsu turns red and yellow, and her abilities reach new heights.

All of this makes Ryūko a bona-fide badass.
Kill la Kill was great. We can't forget about Mako Mankanshoku and Guts (🐕). They were a trip 😂
Ryuko's outfit doesn't leave much to the imagination
definitely one of my favorite anime, hands down. maybe my fave female character plus akame. 😊
that zunpakto is awesome
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