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#veteran #Healing #ptsd #thrive
I'm rarely on it but will check it out when I next am. :-)
I post a lot to Insta if you would like daily inspiration. Vingle is a bit painful. lol. @heartsong_healings on insta
I feel so happy for you that you've chosen to be kind to yourself & not to just keep going with the status quo once realising it was no longer a good fit for you. I'm of a similar mindset & 90% there most days. The other 10% I may fall in a heap when noone's looking but the controls to my life remain dearly held to my heart. Thanks so much for your inspirational post. xx
so true MissB82. I got so tired of hearing myself play the victim that I was ready to stop. Thank you for being kind. xxx
There's so much truth to that & there's only so much analysing you can do before it becomes more hindrance than productive.