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So much time and effort is spent on the nail color and the design. But what about the nail shape?!
I love this infographic because it tells you IMMEDIATELY, the kind of nail tip that you can go for. Do you have a favorite? Which one do you like to sport? 2014 was the year of the point. It's still around, but I am seeing a lot of almond shapes this year.
Personally, I think that the oval, which is the top left design, to be the most flattering on fingers. It elongates the finger for those with shallow nail beds and isn't sharp.
Be sure to list your favorite and to tag a friend that would love this. Maybe you're a nail artist, if so, point me to your nail designs. I'd like to see them!
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Some designs work more for some people more so than others. I've tried squared nails and HATED it lol I love oval but my nails naturally grow like a rounded rectangle >.>
@aabxo You bring up A PERFECTLY GOOD POINT, that I didn't mention: if you go with your natural curve/edge then you'll have an easier time getting your nails done. Don't force something that isn't working. I think squared nails work great for long fingers. Short fingers...not so much.