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Oh my god, so much has happened since we last saw each other. I've made it off the Endar Spire (thank God, that place was a wreck) and onto another planet! I met some new people along the way and lost one. But it's alright (at least I hope it's alright, for Pilf's sake anyway). Let's get into it.

Overrun by Sith

Pilf and I soon found out that the Endar Spire was overrun by Sith. They were killing Republic Soldiers left and right so Trask (the character who woke us up at the start of the game) had to start taking names. Sith names to be exact, so I equipped my Vibroblade (I'm not really using blasters just yet, I'm trying to get myself ready for lightsaber use to be honest and it feels like it fits in with the my headcanon) and started slicing and dicing.
It wasn't too hard but sometimes replaying old games makes you realize how far we've come in terms of mechanics and gameplay. I still really enjoyed it though.

Dark Jedi Aboard the Ship

After clearing that area of enemies, Trask and I soon found out there were some dark Jedi aboard the Endar Spire. After watching a bit of their duel some kind of pylon exploded killing both of the Jedi. It's alright though, I have completely faith in Pilf in getting off the ship so there's nothing to worry about.
After the explosion, more Sith soldiers appeared and, well, Trask and I wiped the floor with them...


Which was a good thing because I helped me level up! So above, you can see that I put most of my points into Security. I realize that being able to open some doors on my own (without help from a party member) would probably be a good skill to have. Even though it's a cross-class skill, I think it'll help me long term when I get further in the game. Even if I just put a few points into it.
I also chose the second rank of the Dueling Feat just so I could have the +1 to both Attack and Defense from here on out. I think I'm building my character fairly safely so if you guys have any tips, be sure to let me know.

Lost an Ally, Made an Ally

Soon after leveling up we came across another dark Jedi. And unfortunately, Trask decided to sacrifice himself in order for me make it to the Escape Pods. It's alright though because Carth Onasi, contacted Pilf on her communicator giving us directions to the Escape Pods which was great... We didn't have any time to mourn the death of Trask (which, I think is fine because I don't know why he thought it was a good idea to try and fight a Jedi when he isn't one himself).

Used Science to Empty this Room of Sith Soldiers

And here's where some of my Computer Use skill came in handy. Bioware games like to give the player options when it comes to overcoming different challenges. And in this case, I could have entered the room, swords swinging, reactivated a battle droid, or overload a pylon to explode, killing everyone in the room. I obviously did the last of the three. It was the easiest way for me to get through this encounter without having to lose any health. And the previous points put into Computer Use didn't hurt either.

Made it to the Escape Pod!

Fortunately, that was the last room before the Escape Pods. There wasn't really any time to talk. Carth and I hopped into the Pod and headed towards the nearby planet.

Woke Up on Taris

Pilf and I woke up in an abandoned apartment thanks to Carth. He apparently dragged Pilf into a safe place, which I am both grateful for and weirded out by. Whether or not I feel that's appropriate, we still had stuff to do. And by stuff to do, I mean that we had to start looking for Bastila. A Jedi who specializes in something called Battle Meditation, a skill that she can use to turn the tide in battle. It can either make armies fight until their last drop or deter them away from fighting all together. So, that's why she's so important.
I cut our conversation short and left the apartment in search for Bastila in the Undercity of Taris.

Taris is Not a Fun Place

I quickly found out that Taris is kind of shitty. It's on lockdown and also overrun by Sith who don't take a liking to aliens of any kind. The screenshot above is from my first encounter on Taris where a Sith officer murdered an alien for no reason. So Carth and I obviously had to do something about that. We took out the battle droids and the officer in a short amount of time.


Which led to leveling up, again! This time I did something a little different. I put one more point into Persuade and then I put some points into Demolitions (just so I could disarm mines whenever that ends up happening).
The Feat I chose this time around was Toughness. I just wanted to take advantage of the extra vitality point as early as possible. I tend to find the early-game of RPGs a lot harder than the mid or end-game. So, hopefully this makes things a little easier for us in the future.

Something's Up with Carth Onasi

After leveling up, I decided to explore the city of Taris. But before I could I got a prompt about Carth and that something's bothering him. I definitely should speak to him about it. And maybe he'll open up and trust me more. But I want your opinion. How should I approach Carth?
Should I be nice and sensitive to whatever his worries are? Or should I be tough with him? Or should a be a mix of the two? Or should I just not talk to him? What do all of you guys think? There's still a lot to Taris and I'm slowly but surely making my way through it. So hopefully you guys stick with me. I'll have more consistent updates from here on out just in case you were worried about the frequency of these cards.
I always start by being kind and sensitive until someone gives me a reason to be tough...or kill them.
Kill Carth.
I am happy to see you doing this man. Kotor is one of my all time favorite games. if I had more time I'd play through with you but I'm on fallout 4 right now can't stop lol. I'll follow you though on your journey. and be kind to Carth. he's an awesome guy.
@paulisadroid lol that's how I roll irl and, if given the choice, in some games. >.> Some. Get me in a FPS or MOBA and a completely different side of me comes out.
@ButterflyBlu you always got to be nice until pushed haha. I love these games that let you do that too
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