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Quentin Tarantino is making media rounds in anticipation of his latest opus, Hateful Eight.
While everyone is excited for his new film, many editors continue to harp on his classics, in particular Pulp Fiction and Kill Bill. Rather than stray away from questions away from his current body of work, QT has answered all questions honestly and in depth.
Today we got great news from Tarantino, as he discussed the possibility of a Kill Bill 3 movie.
Ben Mankiewicz of What The Flick?! sat down with Quentin for an hour long interview that covered everything, including rumors of a potential Kill Bill 3. Here’s what Quentin Tarantino had to say about that:
There definitely is a possibility … stop short of saying probability, but there could be! It could be. For one reason in particular. Well one, me and Uma [Thurman] would have a really good time working together again. And I wanted the character to have … I put that character – not Uma, I put Uma through a lot too – but I put that character of Beatrix Kiddo through a lot. And so I wanted her to have this much time for peace. I wanted her to have some time with her daughter and not have to be in the genre-machine. She could actually enjoy her life for a while. The whole idea was that everyone would be as old as they are.
But the other thing is I think Kill Bill is pretty much hands down probably my most visionary movie, insofar as I really went beyond the Pulp Fiction stuff to create this world that really doesn’t exist. Where they actually have samurai sword holders on airplanes where the cup holder would be and that’s all good and everyone accepts it. That’s just how it is! Fourteen year old girls hang out in bubblegum bars and eviscerate men and get away with it. So the thing about it was that is probably my most visionary cinematic contribution. Now since then my work has taken a turn towards literary and it’s gotten denser and denser … so it would be nice to go back to a visceral world that’s not about the words any more.
Someone needs to check the check to make this happen! I would pay top dollar to see Kill Bill 3!
@NicheTake @MichaelLopez could to a prequel too, if it came to it
Bill has a twin brother, Lucy has a clone, black mamba is blind! ;)
but Bill is dead.
I would pay alot to see a kill bill 3 !! Kill Bill is one of my favorite movies :)
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