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Prove you're the best at comic book trivia!

You know the deal by now. I'm thinking of two characters, one from Marvel and the other from DC. You have to guess who I'm thinking of before the answer is revealed on Friday! Simple... right?
Character 1
Jack Black almost played him in an unmade comedy He had a sidekick... Itty the starfish
Character 2
Kate Leth is currently writing her solo series In the Marvel universe, there are comics about this character. Meta!

Think you can guess who? Comment and we'll see!

Good luck everyone!!!

I know last week was tough, so I tried to go a little easier on everyone today. Feel free to help each other out! It's not cheating. And of course, if you'd like to contribute your own characters for next week please message me!
@redapple615 :facepalm: Ohmygosh, I think you're right...Green Lantern. Can tell I'm all about Marvel XD
1. Green Lantern 2. Hellcat fingers crossed
I remembered he almost played someone from DC, but couldn't remember who. At least I remembered Itty was a starfish(ish), just got the wrong guy in green. lol
@BeannachtOraibh I remember watching a video about top 10 actors who almost got a superhero role. Jack Black almost being Green Lantern is something I can never forget lol.
@SydneyHogg lol I might be convinced to say which character is Marvel and which is DC if a lot of people are struggling... gotta see some more guesses first though!!!
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