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Okay this whole argument is ridiculous. I'm okay if you are saying he's not your type, you don't find him attractive, or you think someone else is cuter because that's totally your opinion.

WARNING: There will be cussing sporadically throughout this card.

But to say he is ugly? Uh, nah. That's rude as hell!
Like, are you blind?
Or dumb?
Or just a total asshole? All of the above maybe?
Did no one teach you that if you have nothing nice to say; then shut the hell up?! Because nobody asked you to spout your nasty little mouth off with your rotten opinion!
Look at this boy! No makeup and still fine as fuck!
So he's confident? Bite me! He should be! He's got mad skills and his shadow is probably brighter than your future! And yes, he is super handsome and sultry.
Another thing, rappers and singers have to be animated! So yes he makes over animated faces sometimes but they are still cute!
Even hitting pause randomly a person can get cute screen shots!
So to reiterate my point so that it doesn't sound like I'm ragging on anyone who does not find him overly attractive because I'm not; I am ONLY irritated by people being rude as fuck! They are nothing but ratchet-ass keyboard warriors! Don't say he is so ugly you want to throw up, because you know what makes me sick? People who don't have nice hearts and are hurtful for literally no reason. He did nothing to you. Nothing. You are not even a fly on his radar but you need to be hateful for no reason other than having a hateful spirit. Those people are ugly on the inside and that's much harder to cover up. There is no make up for someone's soul. Sorry if I'm making fans look bad. I am just really irritated and well, here we are. I suppose I could have been nicer about it and two wrongs don't make a right buuuuut.... this is how I feel. This is my way of ranting it and that's basically what a rant is, it's not meant to be calm or nice. End rant.
Hold up. One more thing. This website that is instigating these arguments lately, Koreaboo, is a bunch of douches. Like seriously? Who runs that, a bunch of 13 year old girls trying to start some drama so they can be noticed? Their article names are terrible and totally trying to make controversy. God, they can just get bent.. They're like the Korea version of Perez Hilton, just trying to start some shit to get famous. Now actually end rant.
Rapmon is hot as hell and I'm a guy people just need to calm down x)
when i saw that article i got so pissed because the fact that there are ARMYs who think are army's but in reality they are so fake and calling my Namjoonie ugly is very disrespectful. honestly i get its their opinion but sometimes they need to realize that they are hurting someone with their harsh words and is not nice. rather say it to your friends and not the whole world or shut the fuck up
@MadAndrea @Kpopfanboy @SunnaWalo @krin @TLeahEdwards @lhiranthom13 @UnnieCakesAli @raenel @KeziahWright @brirodriguez412 @AngelaPearson @MandyNoona @LaurenStrayhorn @CreeTheOtaku @luna1171 @ArielaPicazo @littlemaryk @VeronicaArtino @KellyOConnor @merryjayne13 @Kyokeo @mirandazamira @terenailyn @sosoaloraine23 @Yongsongmi @electica @JasminPerez Sorry if I tagged you more than once... Rap Mon may not be my FAVORITE, but each and every BTS member is so damn fine as fuck... Like EVERY KOREAN IS... But that is because I prefer Korean men and women over any others... Also Rap Mon's dancing face is my lifeline... He gets me every time... Makes me a puddle... And those dimples??? Don't even get me started... There is not a one ugly Korean person in this world... Just saying..
When I saw it I was like "Bich, where?"
what the hell!!! those little girls need to fucking get a life! they're there complaining about someone else's life for no effing reason! RAP MON IS LITERALLY GOALS!!!! ❤❤❤ HE'S JUST PERF
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