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Respect for those special 14. This taught us locals that we need unite and remain strong in the face of tragedy.
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@nicolejb thank you I really appreciate but I want everyone to be safe out there because it really can happen just about anywhere.. Anytime.
Totally! I was talking to @RaquelArredondo about self-defense and how that might give us a bit of peace of mind. but also just the peace of mind that our nation is looking out for us would help too @AprilMorales
@nicolejb everything is fine now but I believe that people have started showing their true colors now. We had another school lockdown today because there was a student who was threatened to be killed and that the person, who threatened them, is going to come to our school and kill them. Everything is going berserk lately. Thank you for asking though :) ohhh and thank you for sharing my idea (about self defense)! It's awesome to see ideas being passed on ^^
oh gosh, did the incident spark this kind of action @RaquelArredondo? Probably huh? I read somewhere that in high-stress areas these things tend to happen more often.
@nicolejb It was said that it was domestic violence. If anything though, that person, who threatened the student, most likely got that idea from the mass shooting so yeah you're probably right about that.