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Okay, I'm pretty sure you have all heard about rcthis. But still... It makes me so mad! I know there have been so many posts about this. I just really needed to voice my opinion. Like boy! You're just jealous. These people are are calling themselves A.R.M.Y's. If your only calling V the cute one out of all if them you are NOT a true A.R.M.Y!! I'd like to see the netizens go up to him and say that to his face.
I mean, look at him. HOW CAN YOU CALL HIM UGLY??? He's freaking adorable!
Sure, he's clumsy. But that's what adds to his adorkable-ness! He also acts akward, That is my favorite part about him!
Honestly, these people just want attention, calling Namjoon ugly like that, they just want attention. Because Namjoon is a DAMN sexy person!!
@kpopjpopjrock1 That is just low. Going after J-Hope then Jin and now Rap Mon?? I hope those haters do not call themselves fans....
@EmilySavage I think the last time something like this happened it was at J-Hope and then they went after Seokjin.
I showed my mom a pic of him and she said that he's handsom. She was shocked when I told her that people were calling him ugly. Also TRUE A.R.M.Ys would never say crap like this. I think that everyone in BTS are all handsom in their own way. I believe that there is no defined perfect handsom. I mean seriously, last time wasn't it J-HOPE??? All those haters calling themselves fans, should just get up and walk the fu*k out because they have no right to call themselves A.R.M.Ys. Who else agrees with me??
If Namjoon is ugly then I am a chair like WTF?! you just do NOT got around calling band members ugly least likely RapMon because you know what ? he is Beautifuler cuter and hotter (all at the same time) than you could ever be pieces of crap