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Foreword: ~DO Kyungsoo has just been transferred to this new school for the extremely talented. Its where the best singers, dancers, and rappers come to further their skills. But like any school it has its share of bullies, drama, and romance... Can DO survive in the School Of EXO?


"School of EXO? Never heard of it." D.O Kyungsoo was laying in bed thinking to himself when he got a call from his mother spouting about this brand new school that had opened up. "Well of course you haven't dear. That's why it called new." D.O's mother said excitedly. DO rolled his eyes and sat up in his bed. He had just finished high school and already moved into his own his apartment. He had already received many invitations from many colleges for his amazing grades, but none of them suited him very well. He doubted this 'School of Exo' would be any different. "Oh honey!! Everyone's talking about it. The school is supposedly owned by SM Entertainment. I'm sure I've heard of it somewhere...hmm" DO eyes widened at his mother words. SM Entertainment? Could it really be? DO came out of his thoughts and found his mother rambling again. "Mom!! You're rambling again." "Oh sorry." She chuckled. "I'm just so excited. It's a grand opportunity!! Hold on for a sec hun." At that moment DO's doorbell rang. He opened the door already knowing who it was. His mother gave him a judging stare. "DO Kyungsoo I raised you better!! You know you're supposed to check before opening your door." DO mother's teased. She walked in. "Wow honey. Your place is always so beautiful. Even if it's a bit small." "Mom nothing's changed from the last time you were here." But he still smiled at his mother's compliment. Then he remembered what they were talking about earlier. "Mom!! Did you come with any more info about the school?" Her face lit up. "Are you actually interested in this one honey? This is great!! You can finally pursue your dream. Oh I'm so happy. Now all you need to do is find that special person and you're life will be complete!!" "Moooom!!" DO tried to frown but couldn't contain the smile on his face. "The school?" "Okay!! Not much info is out about it yet except that its a grand school for only the extremely talented. They're supposed to be having auditions a week from now." D.O's mother explained. "I also heard that they're gonna be really strict honey." "Pssshh...they can't be as strict as some of the colleges that I could've gotten into-" D.O began with a confident tone. "They're only accepting 12 applicants." D.O's mother declared knocking down D.O's confidence like it was nothing at all. D.O couldn't believe what he just heard. "Twelve? What kind of school only has twelve students?!?" He started to bite his lip. He always did it when he was nervous but that rarely happened. "Now I know it sounds tough but if anyone can get in you can. You're always so confident, not like your poor mother. You can amount to so much more than me so I want you to do this and be the best you can be." D.O's mother stood up to hug her son. "Don't feel nervous. You go and audition and show them what my baby can do!!" D.O's mother cried. You're right mom...I will audition and become the best singer for you... D.O thought as he held on to his mother.
*************** D.O looked up at the intimidating building. After one week he was finally here at SM Headquarters where the audition would be held. He took a deep breath and walked in. The building was huge to say the least. People scurried around everywhere and for a moment D.O felt overwhelmed. Suddenly a woman appeared before him. "You must be here for the auditions right?" she asked. D.O gave a slow nod. "Alright then follow me." The lady directed D.O through the building until they got to a waiting room. "You're the last of the applicants to arrive. We had about 300 so far. Just sit here and wait to be called." "Thank yo-" D.O couldn't even finish his sentence before the lady took off to go do something else. He sat in one of the big chairs in the room. Am I really the last to arrive? How embarrassing... He began to bite his lip again. He waited for what seemed like an eternity when another lady came in and told him that they were ready. D.O stood up, closed his eyes, and took another deep breath. When he opened his eyes the lady had disappeared. "You have got to be kidding me..." he mumbled. D.O wandered the building unbelievably lost. He was close to giving up when he saw a guy who looked almost his age. "Hey!!" yelled D.O, "Can you help me?" The guy stopped and gave D.O a curious look. "Let me guess. You're here for the School of EXO thing and lost the lady?" the guy inferred. D.O was shocked at how perfectly the guy read him. "How did you know?" He laughed, "It wasn't hard to tell. Follow me." The guy started walking and D.O followed him. D.O had to admit the guy was pretty weird. He wore a bunch of eyeliner and talked nonstop. D.O was glad when they finally reached the room. "Thanks again for showing me the way." D.O had to yell to stop the boy from talking any further. "No problem. I'm always happy to help. My name's Byun Baekhyun by the way." The guy gave a smile. "Oh..uhhh okay. Nice to meet you. My name's D.O Kyungsoo." D.O really didn't want to waste any more time but he was curious. "So were you here for the audition too?" He really didn't see the boy as much but he knew better than to judge only from appearance. Baekhyun laughed at D.O's question and smiled. "Good luck in there buddy." And with that he walked off. D.O, who was still puzzled about the guy, shrugged his shoulders and stepped into the audition room. He immediately bowed to the officials. "Please take my greatest apologies. I know I'm late but-" He stopped talking when an important looking man held up his hand. "Never mind about that young man. Just show us what you got." D.O nodded and did just that.
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